Alexander Campbell and Thomas Jefferson
A Comparative Study of Two Old Virginians


    The author is Professor of Philosophy at Texas Woman's University, Denton, Texas. For six years he has been director of the Lilly Endowment project of teaching philosophy to gifted high school students, now being done at Denton (Texas) High School. He is editor of Restoration Review, a quarterly journal on the philosophy of Restoration. In recent years he has also served as philosophy professor at MacMurray College in Illinois and at Bethany College, which was founded by Alexander Campbell in 1840.

     He is a graduate of Abilene Christian College and Southern Methodist University. He also took a B.D. at Princeton and the Ph.D. at Harvard.

* This overview is from the print edition published in 1964. The author's current address is: 1300 Woodlake Drive, Denton, TX 76205